Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap Dualscan Connect With WiFi Hub Bundle -App Controlled Cat flap

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    The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub lets you stay connected to your pets from anywhere. This cat flap lets you stay connected with your cat’s movements through the Sure Petcare app thanks to the included wireless hub.

    This cat flap reads your cats existing microchip and only opens for them. Combined with the included SureFlap hub, this cat flap monitor when your cat enters and leaves the house and sends this information to the free Sure Petcare app you can download to your IOS/Android device. The app also allows you to monitor your cat’s activity throughout the day with graphs that show you how often your cat has been inside or outside and for how long. The added locking modes and curfew features can be controlled directly from the app.

    Receive notifications when your cat comes inside - know when your cats get home, even when you're not.

    Control the cat flap from anywhere - set a curfew and lock or unlock the door remotely.

    Keep track of your cat's behaviour over time - notice changes and get a better understanding of their health and wellbeing.

    When you are purchasing a cat flap, please ensure: -

    • To select the most appropriate cat flap for your cat’s size, weight and needs.
    • We recommend that customers use the flap sizes to cut a hole in a cardboard box to see if the cat/dog will fit through it ok.
    • It is vital that you are confident that your cat flap purchase will fit in the desired place in your home. For example – if it is a glass installation, is the glass wide enough?

    The Sureflap Glass Adaptor is compulsory for all installation into a glass & double glazing; without it, it will not fit. This is sold separately.


    Receive notifications when your cat enters or leaves the house. Keep track of their movements and have peace of mind while you’re at work, on holiday or while you’re out late.

    Lock and Unlock

    Using the Sure Petcare app you can lock or unlock the door remotely, ideal if you've forgotten to lock the door before a vet appointment or if there's a thunderstorm on the way and you need to keep your cat inside. You can also adjust the curfew time from anywhere and create a schedule for when your cats are allowed outside.


    Insights allow you to gain a greater understanding of your cat, with graphs containing information on how often they are coming and going and how long they have spent outside. Monitoring your cat’s activity means you can notice changes in behaviour which could be a sign of illness or stress.

    Intruder Alerts

    If you have noticed that your cat isn’t leaving the house as much or their behaviour has changed, intruder alerts let you see when neighbourhood animals fail to enter your home; new cats on the block could be an indication of your cat’s change in behaviour.

    • DualScanTM technology – set exit permissions for each pet to allow authorised cats outside whilst keeping other cats indoors
    • Prevents intruder animals from entering your home
    • Compatible with all identification microchips and SureFlap RFID Collar Tags
    • Connect the pet door with the included hub to link with the Sure Petcare app
    • Store up to 32 pet identities in the flaps memory. Remembers all registered cats even when the batteries have been changed
    • Indoor only cat mode – indoor-only cats can gain entry if they escape through a door or window
    • Battery-powered with up to 6 months battery life (4x AA batteries required – not included)
    • Can be mounted into doors, walls and windows
    • 3-year warranty
    • Easy replacement for existing SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap or most standard-sized cat flaps

    The SureFlap Hub acts as the link between your internet router, the Microchip Cat Flap Connect and the Sure Petcare app. The hub is required to use the Microchip Cat Flap Connects extra features. The hub can be used with up to 10 other SureFlap devices.

    • Connects to the internet via an Ethernet cable and monitors the activity of your cat flap wirelessly
    • Control up to 10 SureFlap Connect devices from one hub
    • Only SureFlap Connect products can be connected to a hub. Cannot be used with standard SureFlap products
    • Supplied with a power supply and Ethernet cable
    • 4-way locking

    Door/wall mounting dimensions - 

    165mm (W) x 171mm (H) The size of hole required to fit your cat flap.

    Flap opening dimensions

    142mm (W) x 120mm (H)

    This dimension is the smallest area of the cat flap that your cat will have to enter.

    Glass mounting dimensions - 212mm

    A circular hole is required to install the cat flap in glass. The optimum hole size is 212mm, but the cat flap can be installed into holes up to 260mm in diameter.


    We are delighted to offer you free delivery on all orders over £50.00.

    Items are packed on the day you place your order. Your package should arrive within Two to Six working days.

    Once your order has been dispatched you will receive a tracking number and you will be able to track your order.

    All orders must be signed for (delivery driver can sign for you at present due to Covid-19).

    Our courier partners will keep you updated on the journey of your order. You'll receive SMS and email confirmation of your tracking details and they will let you know estimated delivery times on the morning of your delivery.

    Our delivery partners aim to deliver all orders on time, but delays do happen from time-to-time. 

    Have a query regarding your delivery?

    If you have any queries regarding your delivery please email us at

    If we cannot deliver your order within the specified time period then we will make every attempt to contact you and provide an expected delivery time. If this delivery time is not suitable, you can cancel your order and we will provide you with a full refund.


    Please see our Return Policy For More details. 


    Ask a Question
    • Hello, I need the tunnel extension pieces for this. Please advise. Many thanks pete

      Sure, we can offer that Pete,


    • can the cat flap be programed to allow different entry and exits for two cats - I have one cat who is allowed to go in and out at any time and another who i want to keep in at night only

      Hello - yes, this cat flap will allow you to set different permissions for each cat. Thanks.

    • when will these be back in stock?

      They will be back in stock on Monday. Thanks.

    • Hi, I currently have a dual scan cat flap, but would like a timetable flap so I can keep my cats in at night, with dual scan I have to do it manually which doesn’t work whilst away. Would the hole be the same as duel scan, it’s in my glass patio door Thankyou

      Hello - the Sureflap Dual Scan Connect and Hub allows you to set curfew controls and you can control it remotely using the app. It is the same size as a normal Dual Scan cat flap. Thanks.

    • Is it a normal size of cat flap? Not smaller?

      Hi Sandra - the flap itself is 142mm(W) x 120mm (H) - we recommend cutting this out on a box to check that your cat will fit through it ok. You might find this link useful too, Thanks.

    • Hi i am thinking of purchaaing the sureflap cat flap connext with hub. On one of the reciews i read that the hib has to be plugged into router and in sight pf cat flap. Oir rooter ia in the attic so will the hub need to manually be plugged in to router?

      Yes, the Hub Connects to the internet via an Ethernet cable into your router. I would contact Surepetcare the cat flap manufacturer who may be able to give you further advice on how to extend your internet connection using plugin internet extenders. Here is a link to their site, they have fab customer service.

    • Hello I've just measured the hole in my door from previous cat flap and it seems ever so slightly too big: width is fine but height is about 185mm. Will this be a problem? If it is, would there be anything we can do to fix it? Expanding foam?

      The Wall/ Glass adapter should rectify this problem for you.  Please take a look at the link.

    • how do you setup to read the cats chip or can you enter your cats chip number on the app thanks

      Hi Mike,

      Take a look at the videos in this link - it's like scanning shopping at the supermarket in a way - don't worry, it's very easy.



    • Hiya, we are looking at this cat flap but need it to go in a glass door, we’ve been told we need a round hole one, we would like the one controlled by the app. Is that possible?

      Yes, a local glazing firm can do it for you. You'll also need to buy the glass mounting adaptor which is in the 'accessories' section of the website. Thanks.


      The vets chip the cats.

    • How essential is it for the hub to be max 10m distance from the catflap? Does it also work through walls?

      10m maximum is the advice given by the manufacturer. I think the best thing to do is to give Sureflap a call as they are the manufacturer of the cat flap, so they are best placed to answer this question. The number to call is 0800 0124511. They have a fab customer care team there and will be able to help you.


    • Can you set different curfews for different cats? My older cats often go out at night but I want our kitten to stay in at night for a bit longer. A friend who had had the flap for 3 years says you can't, they have to have the same curfew on the timer, but also suggested that it may have been upgraded and improved since they got their flap?

      Sorry, there is only one curfew time that can be set for all cats.

    • Thank you for your reply. The reason I was asking is I am looking for a cat flap with remote control facility as I foster feral cats and I need to be able to close the flap remotely, so I don’t scare them all the time. They would not be chipped and I couldn’t get a collar on them. I currently have a non chip reading cat flap but have difficulty getting the feral cats inside. So, I ask again, does the flap with remote facility work with cats who aren’t microchipped?

      No - microchip cat flaps only let cats through it that are programmed to it.

    • What happens if there is a power cut or the WiFi goes off? Can the cats still get in and out? Also, does the hub have to be physically connected to the router? Would it work if the router was in an upstairs room?

      Hello - is there is a power cut, then the cat flap just works like a standard microchip cat flap would - you just wouldn't be able to use the app to control it or get notifications. The hub connects to the router. Sureflap recommend that the hub is positioned within 10 meters (32 Feet) of the Cat Flap and in most cases, this is a suitable distance.

    • I am a cat fosterer and am looking for a cat flap I can have between my foster room and catio. Not all my foster cats will be chipped when they arrive so can I set the catflap up to give access without a chip? Many thanks.

      Hello - you could have a non chip reading cat flap? Or, the cats that arrive without a chip could wear a collar with a RFID collar tag on it that will serve as a microchip to let them use the cat flap. Thanks.

    • Are their tech specs available? What is the diameter of the hole required?

      Hello - sure, it needs a 212mm diameter hole for glass installation, 70mm up from the bottom of the pane. More detail can be found on the Surepetcare website as they are the manufacturer of the cat flap. Thank you.

    • What range has the Hub in regards to the flap

      Hi Tim - Sureflap recommend that the hub is positioned within 10 meters (32 Feet) of the Cat Flap and in most cases, this is a suitable distance.

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Sureflap reassurance

    Easy to fit and works well… nice to have the reassurance of the messages when my cat goes out/comes in. He’s struggling a bit getting used to triggering the exit, but we are getting there. Only two small suggestions: change the going out message to ‘see you later” rather than ‘goodbye’ I may be a bit sensitive but ‘goodbye’ sounds a bit final!! Also would be good to get a message / see a light come on when curfew is in operation so that we know for sure it’s kicked in. Thank you - great service, quick delivery, good instructions, neat look and feel and works well.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Purchase of cat flap

    Quick, easy and efficient service

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Great catflap - arrived promptly

    Very pleased with product (Catflap) and quick delivery. Just wish the cats were as excited as us as they still wait for us to open the door for them like they are royalty, and only grudgingly use the flap when they have to ! : )

    Grace H.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom


    Service was fab. Arrived quickly and well package. Product itself is very easy to use and we mounted ours in a glass door (with the sureflap adapter). The App itself could do with a bit of development but it does the job! :)

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Fast, efficient service

    Great price and quickly delivered

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