What Cat Flap To Choose? Microchip V Traditional Cat Flap.

The Conventional cat flap does not allow selective access. This leaves your home vulnerable to other creatures such as foxes using the door to invade your home and harass your Cat.

Most common problem is other cats getting in and spraying your space!  The microchip cat flap has a scanner that reads your pet’s chip and gives access to Cats that have been programmed to that specific cat flap. This gives reassurances to owners that only their pet enters and exits the home.

Therefore, when deciding on which cat flap to buy, it is good to consider the personality of your cat and how urban your neighbourhood is. And what is the age of your cat? Older cats are naturally less active. Do you have a dog? Usually, dogs can be a repellent for other cats entering your home.

It is important to bare in mind how many cats you have in your home – it is not unusual for an owner to own more than one cat and each cat has a different personality. You must consider the greater good when purchasing your cat flap.

We don’t know your cat, so please be sure to select the most appropriate cat flap for your cat’s size, weight and needs.

We also recommend that customers use the flap sizes to cut a hole in a cardboard box to see if the cat/dog will fit through it OK. Do also take a look at our blog posts for further guidance.

Please be aware cat flap hole sizes are not interchangeable should you decide that you need a microchip product or a larger pet door at a later date. You get one opportunity to get the hole size right and we urge you to take this into consideration when making you choice.