Microchip Cat Flap, Batteries Not Included

One of the most frustrating things about being a cat flap fitter is the fact that microchip cat flaps don’t come with the batteries. As a professional cat flap fitter, this makes it harder for me to demonstrate the cat flap functionality if the cat owner doesn’t have the right batteries. 

This, however, never was a problem with the installation of the classic cat flap.

Before going to a cat flap fitting appointment, I always make sure to address the issue of batteries. Since app connectivity cat flaps are on the rise, it is crucial to get the right batteries for the microchip cat flap before fitting it. 

I’ve gotten several reviews and comments from cat owners after they’ve had the cat flap fitted. One of the complaints I come across most is how their kitty was locked out in their absence due to the microchip cat flap running out of batteries!

This isn’t the cat flap’s fault of that of the manufacturer. 

And, no, the cat flap fitter isn’t in the wrong, either. 

As a cat owner, you need to know when to change the batteries on your microchip cat flap. 

When in doubt, change the batteries. 

All microchip cat flaps aren’t created the same. I personally recommend a Sureflap product due to their strength, length of the warranty, durability, excellent customer service, patent of technology, and value for money.  

Here’s Why Sureflap Makes a Good Investment

Sureflap recommends you use good-quality alkaline batteries that give a consistent source of power allowing optimal performance. This means you shouldn’t be using rechargeable and zinc batteries with the cat flap. 

Most cat owners get 36 batteries for £1 for their microchip cat flap. 

This is counter-intuitive since you’ll need to change the batteries regularly since they don’t provide consistent power.

The DualScan cat flap, Sureflap cat flap, the, and the DualScan Connect work on 4 x AA batteries. You’ll need to spend around £2.99 for 4 good alkaline batteries. The Surflap Microchip Pet Door and app-controlled Microchip Pet door connect works with 4 x C Batteries. You’ll need to spend around £5 for decent alkaline C batteries.

But, rechargeables are better for the environment!

If you wish to keep your cat’s welfare in mind and make sure she doesn’t get locked out, you should go for high-quality batteries that last longer. If not, you should invest in a traditional cat flap. 

When do the batteries on a microchip cat flap need changing?

It’s almost impossible to know!  

Depending on the battery, it could be weeks or months. This also depends on the number of cats using the device, frequency of usage, and any intruders trying to enter. 

As a rule of thumb, the better the brand of the battery, the longer they will last.

I find app-controlled cat flaps as they notify you when it is time for you to change the batteries. 

Changing batteries resolve most issues of the cat flap not working. Don’t fear - unless you reset the cat flap to factory settings the cat flap memory will always remember your cats' chip number after replacing batteries.